Stairway to Heaven (Philippines TV series) - Episod Akhir

27 February 2012 | 22:11

Throughout, the years two best friends shared a life in a beach house, young Jodi Barbie Forteza and young Cholo Joshua Dionisio have lived unsepreable as ever, both have shared the grief, the sadness, and even the meaning of life but little did the two know that they would grow apart, Jodi's father Jovan an Architect Jestoni Alarcon marries A TV and Movie actress, Maita Aragon Jean Garcia. Throughout this decision new changes begin and with Cholo about to leave and continue his studies abroad beyond his mothers decision due to a scholarship, the two promise a longtime of sending notes and telling stories of each day, until upon they meet again.

But unknowingly everything is not all right Maita takes in her two children from a previous relationship before her career Young Eunice, and Young Tristan Jake Vargas although Maita, wants her children to experience a better life and give into wealth Tristan doesn't approve and falls hesitantly on Jodi who suffers from Maita, who grows hatred on her stepdaughter. All of a sudden years pass and Jodi Rhian Ramos grows into a beautiful young woman who expectedly waits for Cholos arrival and the promise they have kept throughout the distance and time they have spent away from each other and then there is Eunice Glaiza de Castro taking in her mothers footsteps and Tristan TJ Trinidad an artist looking for a way for Jodi to be vulnerable enough to notice his love. But as Cholo Dingdong Dantes comes back happy memories come back to the two and cherishing the moment as possible Jodi is offered a proposal but before Cholo goes home to assist his last business ventures for a week Eunice strikes jealousy and causes Jodi to become part of an accident.

Cholo does not believe that Jodi's presence has left and does not exsist and with upon seeing Jodi's familiar face once more can Cholo bring back the love he once lost in someone he has onced loved and longed for who might not be the exact person is there a second chance awaiting?

Cast, Dingdong Dantes as Cholo Fuentebella, Rhian Ramos as Jodi / Jenna, TJ Trinidad as Tristan Manansala / Charlie Matias, Glaiza de Castro as Eunice Aragon.

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28 February 2012 09:15

kaze...upload smualah dr epi 1 lg...citer cam best xsmpat nk tgk...

28 February 2012 21:03

sorang je nak tak 'cukup'.. ada sape2 lagi nk?

28 February 2012 23:19

nak jugak...
macam best je layan... :)

29 February 2012 07:59

saya pun nak jugak =)

29 February 2012 09:28

tu dah rmai yg b' blhlh kaze teruskn....

29 February 2012 20:17

nak jugak bole?

29 February 2012 21:05

orait boleh.. ni dh cek tempoh hari, klu tak silap epi 1-3 xda sub, ok ke?

1 March 2012 10:08

jwpnya epi yg xde sub tu kena fhm2 sndrilah...hehehe

7 March 2012 16:33

kaze...dah lme tggu nie...

7 March 2012 20:07

brapa lama? hehe
orait mlm ni tgk klu free, kaze update epi 1-4

7 March 2012 20:40

sorry guys xdpt nk update link, baru cek kt tonton, drama ni dah xde..

8 March 2012 09:26

alah frustnya....

8 March 2012 20:19

hehe, tak pe, ada sumber lain , kaze update

15 March 2012 12:56

kaze , pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...
dah lame sangat tunggu crite ni..
crite ni best sgt..

15 March 2012 14:32

skadar membantu-
sape2 yg nk tgk stairways to heaven, bleh tgk kt

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